Designer & Business Strategist [2018]

For BCG Digital Ventures [Hacks]: AI, led product design and business case development of a medical device market intelligence platform that predicts a device's regulatory viability based on previously approved devices. The platform uses supervised multiclass text classification algorithms to correlate input keywords to similar devices in the FDA 510(k) database and creates a "FICO score" dependent on parameters from the similar devices.   

Based on keyword input "heart monitor":


Based on keyword input "genetic algorithm":



Based on similar devices, the platform predicts FDA days to approval, device class submission type, third party approval eligibility, trend of approvals over time, and region spread. The platform provides crucial insights to how a new medical device will perform during the FDA regulatory process, including newer consumer product driven medical devices such as Apple's ECG App and 23andMe's genetic risk report. 


Winner of

Best Build

BCG DV [Hacks] AI


Business Strategist [2016]

Led business strategy of a mobile application that provides personalized knee rehabilitation programs for acute knee injury, chronic pain, or stiffness with step by step videos and tracking. Developed due to the high time and cost burden of physical therapy, a critical component of knee recovery, and lack of compliant and personalized care.


Users input data on personal characteristics, injury, and goals for a personalized rehabilitation program. Researched scientific literature and other digital health interfaces to develop relevant questions.

2nd Place

2016 UCLA Innovation in Health Challenge

Based on workout mobile application SWORK IT, physical therapy exercises are displayed with clear visual cues and interactive options - pause or go to progress page.

Users can see tracking information of physical therapy regime, increasing compliance and retention. Future feature will allow the ability to share progress metrics to health providers. 



Business Strategist [2016]

Led business strategy of a platform that revolutionizes the standard of care of post-stroke rehabilitation. STROKE Support focuses on increasing patient accessibility to quality, holistic post-stroke care, increasing frequency of care and patient compliance/responsibility. By offering in depth instructional videos that span physical, speech, and occupational therapy, patients are able to do therapy at home without the need of a health care specialist. 



Researched scientific literature on needs of target population - stroke patients - and applied findings to user interface design ex. occurs in older age individuals so considered coloring and font size for eyesight issues

  • Comprehensive approach to treat all function loss that occurs after stroke, integrating three therapy types 

  • Personalized educational videos to improve patient accessibility to quality care

  • Patient progress monitoring and alert system to increase patient compliance and retention

Top 10

Crowd Validation in 2016 American Medical Association (AMA) Health Innovation Challenge


AMA Health Innovation Challenge

Revolutionizing Post-stroke Rehabilitation

May 16, 2016