Research Micro-Intern [2022]


I participated in a micro-internship at the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI) at the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA), which conducts science, technology, and innovation policy analysis for the Federal Government, including the Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Defense.


Investment Research Manager [2020]

Senior Opportunity & Portfolio Analyst [2019 - 2020]


As Nike's new business incubator, Nike Valiant Labs is dedicated to piloting new digital business to serve the unmet needs of athletes* in new ways and create new service-driven growth for Nike. I explore and evaluate new portfolio investment opportunities at the intersection of fitness, health, wellness, technology, retail, sustainability, e-commerce, and other direct-to-consumer products and services (examples of external sources within areas of interest are captured below). My work involves deep quantitative and qualitative analysis, performing industry landscaping, market trend forecasts, and opportunity sizing for research memos and clear, validated investment recommendations. I am also involved in the tracking of  businesses currently funded in the portfolio through the pipeline and guiding strategic funding decisions based on KPIs and investment criteria.



Operations Information Systems, Business Analyst [2017 - 2019]


At one of the world's largest independent biotechnology companies, I apply technology innovation and automation such as data analytics, data science, augmented/virtual reality, device IoT, and digital health in the supply chain, manufacturing, and quality space. In addition, I manage business strategy, technical requirements gathering, and design considerations for multiple >$100K POCs, prototypes and hybrid agile/waterfall implementations in a patient driven, regulated environment. Due to confidentiality, full work cannot be shared.


Design & Development

  • Gather business requirements of metric purpose, definition, formula, target, current reporting from business stakeholders

  • Document data sources, data flow, business logic rules, and site exceptions

Development & Configuration

  • Visualization ideation based on executive input and functionality requirements ex. trend exceptions


  • Manage design development of report both UI front end and back end, building business/logic rules pulling directly from source data repository

  • Deploy to enterprise server


  • Perform user testing and agile iterations with site and leadership feedback

  • Develop new use cases and adapt to additional data sources for global deployment of the report

Data Analytics

Coordinate data visualization development with business intelligence tools Tableau and Spotfire to derive insights at the executive and functional level of supply chain and quality process metrics and of drill down key performance indicators. 

"For one thing, we’re looking at our supply chain end-to-end to help us react to changes in demand much faster, without having to start all the way back in drug substance...investing in our information systems to help us get a better view of what’s happening and to react more quickly to signal changes... and adjust our decision making in close to real time."

-Esteban Santos

Amgen Executive Vice President Operations


Data Science

Amgen is pioneering the use of AI in biotech and life sciences. Specifically in the area of Operations and quality management, the FDA has started to focus on advanced trending and prediction when approaching their guidelines. I work in collaboration with the Amgen Quality Data Science team to create POCs using AI to transform our quality processes. Current area of focus -natural language processing for deviation prediction and compliance. 


To support data science capabilities and accelerate innovation, we are continually evaluating and moving toward new technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) for more secure, reliable, efficient cloud infrastructure and Databricks for a unified, scalable solution of machine learning models.  


Augmented/Virtual Reality

Amgen sees Operations and drug production as a strong competitive advantage with the ability to reliable, efficiently, and rapidly bring medicines to patients even large global volume needs and a required adaptation to a broad spectrum of drugs. Using augmented/virtual reality technologies such as Unity, Vuforia, Microsoft Hololens, and Google Cardboard, conduct POCs to interact with innovative biomanufacturing and drug development facilities for training and design purposes.



Device IoT

There is an opportunity to meet the needs of patients and the broader healthcare community by supplementing therapies with non-molecular innovations like health technology products. As healthcare moves toward more personalized medicine, we look to data to tell us more information about our patients. I am responsible for implementing a new Quality system through the Dev, Test, Prod environments (SDLC) that reports device use and failure metrics for device engineering and product complaints teams. The AutoTouch reusable autoinjector device is used with Enbrel, our drug to treat moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. 


McKinsey & Company's visual shows how digitization, automation, and online testing will revolutionize future pharma quality control. Due to confidentiality, I cannot detail specific projects, but my role involves leading process automation initiatives in this growing space. 


"How do we eliminate work that doesn’t add value and redeploy people and capital to fund the R&D machine and commercial expansion?...We also have to become more agile in how we deliver our products and services. That’s nothing new for other industries, but it is for our industry and we need to get faster and nimbler. That’s a challenge...with regulators in multiple jurisdictions around the world that sometimes have differing requirements."

-Esteban Santos

Amgen Executive Vice President Operations